About Us

Brian ChristensenPresident

11 years experience in the Restoration/Mitigation industry and 17 years experience in the construction field. Certifications from IICRC, ACAC, IOTC, and ABRA. Leader in the restoration industry including water mitigation, mold remediation, smoke/fire restoration, and content cleaning, reconstruction, mold assessing, public adjusting, appraisals and umpire.


  • IICRC- Water Damage Restoration
  • IICRC- Applied Microbial Remediation
  • IICRC-Fire and Smoke Restoration
  • IICRC-Odor Control
  • IICRC- Applied Structural Dying
  • IICRC-Commercial Drying Specialist
  • IICRC-Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning
  • IICRC-Carpet repair and reinstallation
  • IICRC-Color Repair
  • IICRC-Carpet Cleaning
  • IICRC-Health and Safety
  • IICRC-Journeyman Fire and Smoke Restorer
  • IICRC-Journeyman Textile Cleaner
  • IICRC-Journeyman Textile Cleaner
  • IICRC-Journeyman Water Restorer
  • IICRC-Master Fire and Smoke Restorer
  • IICRC-Master Textile Cleaner
  • IICRC-Master Water Restorer
  • ACAC-Certified Restoration Mold Supervisor
  • ACAC-Certified Indoor Environmentalist
  • IOTC-Certified Mold Professional
  • ABRA-American Bio Recovery Association
  • State License for Mold Remediation MRSR 2423
  • State License for Mold Assessments MRSA 3340

Gordon CohenAppraisal Manager

I started out as an owner of a building inspection company and as an adjuster working with several local and national carriers and after 22 years ended my being an executive general adjuster and then became a public adjuster. My specialty is large loss residential, commercial and heavy equipment claims. In 2008 while working for an international third party administration company handling claims we lost one of our large accounts. This lead to almost 30 of being left without a job within days afterwards. At that time, I formed General Building Consultants and as well as continuing to handle claims started writing estimates for contractors and showing them how to capitalize on getting the carriers to pay based on our industry knowledge of how to write and how to present the estimate to the carrier. I have an extensive and long background in appraisals for carriers as well as insureds. I have served as an umpire and a court appointed umpire many times.


  • FLIR Certified Thermographer
  • NORMI Certified Mold Assessor
  • ITC Certified Home Inspector