Public Adjusting Services in Florida

Flood Damage Public Adjuster

CCA Public Insurance Adjusters help Florida residents and businesses with flood damage insurance claims.

Flood Damage

With constant threats of major storms and hurricanes, Florida residents must be prepared for coastal flooding. Flood Insurance is currently not required for every home in Florida, so if you are in an at-risk area for flooding, be sure to consider this is an option. Flood Insurance will cover damages when water from an existing water source (ocean, lake, canal, etc.), rises up and destroys property.

What will a public adjuster do for flood insurance?

Public adjusters are responsible for handling your property claims. They will deal directly with your insurance carrier to inspect any property/flood damage and losses, and document the process for your insurance company.

It's important to understand when and where flood insurance will cover your property damage. CCA Public Adjusters understands the complexities of insurance policies, and can assist in filing the correct claim to your insurance carrier. We'll also ensure you receive the most out of your settlement and get compensated properly for any damages caused by floods.

Hiring a Public Adjuster for Flood Damage

Having a public adjuster to help with your flood insurance claims will ensure you receive the best returns possible on your settlement. We have the resources and team to make the process simple and stress free. Contact CCA Public Adjusters today for more information.