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Hail Storm Public Adjuster

Hail Damage - hire a public adjuster

A catastrophic hail storm can destroy your property in Florida very quickly. Over the past few years, hail has become a more common occurrence to Florida, and residents have seen extensive damage to roofs, cars, and properties. Unfortunately, many insurance companies in Florida are not well versed on how to best handle hail storm damage, and don't often have the insurer's best interest at heart.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage

CCA Public Adjusters has extensive experience with hail and storm damage, and are able to document and review everything with you. Most insurance settlements from hail storms in Florida do not come close to covering the full value to repair/replace damages done. A loss adjuster will work you to make sure your insurance policy correctly covers and compensates you for the hail damages experienced.

How to Determine Roof Damage?

Hail storms (which often come with significant wind), mostly cause damages to roofs. Hail damage can cause indentation to roofs, along with cracked and broken shingles, which leads to roof leaks. Wind damage from hail storms can also blow shingles off, and leave you with a roof that is not properly protecting your belongings. A Florida public adjuster will assess the roof damage, including chimney cracks and any gutter issues.

Hiring a Public Adjuster for Hail Damage

Having a public adjuster to help with your hail damage insurance claims will ensure you receive the best returns possible on your settlement. We have the resources and team to make the process simple and stress free. Contact CCA Public Adjusters today for more information.