Public Adjusting Services in Florida

Hurricane and Storm Damage Public Adjusters

Hurricane and Storm Damage

With hurricanes being a constant threat in Florida, CCA Public Adjusters has the experience and capability to handle catastrophic damage, and our public adjusters will properly identify and document issues insurance companies may not understand.

Public Adjusters handle the complexities of negotiating with your insurance provider - the back and forth calls, claim forms, and questions throughout the process. Our loss adjusters help to reach a settlement quicker - and with our experience in hurricane damage insurance claims, can ensure a better payout.

What does a public adjuster do?

In Florida, public adjusters are responsible for handling your property claims. They deal specifically with your insurance carrier on your behalf, to inspect any property damage and losses, and document the process for your insurance company.

As a customer, you do not have to worry about dealing with your insurance provider - the public adjuster handles the entire process for you. At CCA Public Adjusters, our public adjusters can also assess any property damage experienced during the hurricane/storm, and recommend professionals to handle reconstruction services.

To summarize - public adjusters will help save you time and aggravation of taking on your insurance company directly. Public adjusters fight on your behalf to ensure you get the proper settlement amount for your insurance claim.

What gets covered under a hurricane and windstorm claim?

Each insurance policy can vary to determine what gets covered in Florida during a hurricane. You will typically need additional policies to cover flood insurance and windstorm insurance. Depending on the damages and cause of those damages, each insurance policy may handle different losses.

CCA Public Adjusters can assist you to ensure you have proper coverage of your home and business. Some policies won't pay for wind damage by default, whereas others don't cover flood and water damage. Our public adjusters can help review your insurance policies to ensure you have the right amount of coverage for your needs.

Hiring a Public Adjuster for Hurricanes

Having a public adjuster to help with your hurricane and storm damage insurance claims will ensure you receive the best returns possible on your settlement. We have the resources and team to make the process simple and stress free. Contact CCA Public Adjusters today for more information.