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Residential Public Adjusting Company

Damage to your home from a major catastrophe can be devastating, and the process to file a homeowner's insurance claim afterwards is a daunting task - especially if it's your first time. One common mistake is relying on your homeowner's insurance agent and/or company to handle your claim and protect your property. Often times, this leads to a longer process, reduced payout, and a major headache. A Florida public adjuster from CCA Public Adjusters will guide you through the process of filing a residential insurance claim, and advocate for a fair settlement from your insurance company.

What is a public adjuster?

Simply put, a public adjuster works for the homeowner, NOT the insurance company, to help appraise and negotiate your homeowner's insurance claim. Whether you need to file an insurance claim for hurricane damage, fire/smoke damage, or flood/water damage, CCA Public Adjusters can handle the entire process for you. Public Adjusters only receive payment if and when there is a finalized settlement - if there is no recovery, there is no fee.

How Can CCA Public Adjusters Help?

When it's time to file a homeowner's insurance claims, and if you are located in Florida, we can assist with the entire claims process, including:

  • Compiling all documentation, photos of damages, insurance information
  • Calling and discussing your claim directly with your homeowner's insurance provider
  • Document the repairs necessary to fix your residence, as well as appraise any items lost during the catastrophe
  • Represent you directly while filing the claim, and ensure a fair settlement offer

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As expert and licensed residential public adjusters in Florida, we can ensure that you are fully represented in your insurance claim for any catastrophic damage, including; hurricanes, fire, mold, tornados, vandalism/theft, floods, and theft. With over 40 years combined experience, and specific experience in construction, we know how to properly address and estimate major property damage and ensure the maximum recovery amount.